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When you book your road test with AA Right Track Driving School, you’re taking an important step toward confidently obtaining your driver’s license. As the leading and highest rated driving school in Irving Texas according to Google reviews, we guarantee our students enter the exam feeling fully prepared and calm behind the wheel. With our proven methods and experienced instructors, students can ace their road test in Irving Tx in the first attempt. We have helped countless students navigate this process and we’re here to help you too!

  • What to know before your DPS-authorized road test in Irving Tx?

    First, students need to secure their spot for the DPS-authorized road test in Irving Tx. For this students can schedule an appointment through our website. As a third-party Road test in Irving Tx we take DPS-authorized driving test at our driving school and offer same-day road tests also, allowing our students both adults and teens to enjoy a hassle-free and straightforward driving test process within the friendly and familiar environment of our driving school.

    And second most importantly, students must make sure to thoroughly prepare and check the following documents checklist which is required for both adults and teens as no test will be taken without the necessary documents in place.

    Documents Required for Adults Road Tests:

    A valid learner’s permit issued by DPS, which should include a photo.

    An Impact Certificate (ITYD).

    A completion certificate for the 6-hour driving course.

    If you plan on using own a car it should have front and back license plates and must provide a proof of valid insurance. The vehicle should pass the inspection and in properly working conditions.

    Documents Required for Teens Road Tests:

    The minimum age requirement for teens is 16 years old.

    The learner’s permit must have been held for at least six months before taking the road test.

    An Impact Teen program Certificate (ITTD).

    A completion certificate for the 32-hour driving course.

    A verification letter of school enrollment, which should be valid for 30 days.

    Front and back license plates should be on the vehicle you students use their own and that must be insured. The vehicle should be in properly working conditions and pass the inspection test.

    A parent or legal guardian must be present at the test.

    Why are we preferred driving school in town?

    One reason people love our driving school is because of luxurious BMW cars used for in-car training. These premium vehicles come equipped with dual brake pedals and extra mirrors that accurately simulate your road test setting. Our instructors can easily monitor your progress during lessons. Combined with their years’ experience, your practice tests will be as realistic as possible.

    Our instructors are renowned for their patience, encouragement and personalized approach. They also identify weaknesses through practice evaluations then tailor additional sessions toward specific areas of improvement.

    Being located right in the middle of Irving means our students it’s super easy to commute which saves time and money. This is a huge advantage if one has got a packed schedule like most folks these days.

    We provide free pick-up and drop-off within Irving city, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our students.

    Our driving courses and training programs stand out as the most affordable in the city, offering budget-friendly options without compromising on the quality of instruction. With packages starting as low as $60, we provide excellent value for money, making our driving school the top choice for those seeking affordability without sacrificing the effectiveness of the training program.

    In the rare event if a student does not clear the road test on the first attempt, we provide an affordable retesting fee, as low as $40 if the test is retaken within three days. Additionally, same-day retesting is available for free.

    More than anything though, we keep things low-pressure and fun as learning to drive and road test in Irving Tx can be stressful. All the instructors here want you to succeed and are super supportive through the process. We’ve even helped a few kids who had struggled with driving anxiety in the past finally pass their test. Being downtown also lets us actively work with the community on road safety initiatives. It’s rewarding to give back and play a part in making the neighborhood safer.

    Enhancing your Abilities

    You have the ability – we’ll give you the tools and confidence to prove it on the actual road test and that’s why our driving instructors make sure that our students are equipped with safe driving methods and skills. To ensure student safety, we plan practise tests in together with the instructors and the examiner. As a result of our thorough preparation, we have an impressive 98% passing rate on the first attempt. Furthermore, we are renowned for being an affordable driving school in town. We offer a wide range of benefits to our students, including:

    Flexible Scheduling

    Road Test Appointment

    Easy car rentals

    Free Pick and drop off within Irving city

    In Car lessons & Road test in premium and insured car

    We also provide guidance about various factors of road test right from:

    Things to know before road test in Irving Tx

    Documents required during the road test

    Other important requirements for road test in Irving Tx

    Join us at AA Right Track Driving School for a supportive and effective approach to
    achieving driving success.


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