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Situated in the heart of Irving, Texas, AA Right Track Driving School has proudly served the local community for over the years by providing quality driver education services. As the premier Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas, AA Right Track aims to train new drivers to safely share the roads with others. Our expert instructors are here to guide students through every step of the learning process with compassion and care. Even if you’re a teen obtaining your first license or an adult refreshing outdated skills, AA Right Track is dedicated to helping you achieve your driving objectives.

  • What AA Right Track Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas Has to Offer?

    Our Driver’s Education Schools in Irving, Texas will provide a range of services and programs to meet the needs and experience levels of every student. Foundational classroom instruction will be provided to communicate crucial safety information outlined by DPS. In addition learners will be passively taught proper techniques for maneuvering a vehicle, handling various traffic scenarios, and implementing defensive driving strategies through engaging lectures and visual aids. Several hours of individualized behind-the-wheel practice will also be provided in a dual-controlled vehicle. Here, students will get hands-on experience applying their newfound knowledge under the watchful eye of a state-certified driving instructor. Regular feedback will be given to identify strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement.

    Because of this students will have gained confidence in their abilities to drive a car safely on their own by the end of the program. Comprehensive evaluations will be administered to gauge preparedness for the license exam. Those obtaining an initial license can look forward to greater independence and mobility. In addition experienced motorists can expect to refresh poor habits and modernize their skills to today’s roadway standards. Most importantly, the long-term safety of drivers and all community members will hopefully be enhanced through informative lessons emphasizing lifetime best practices.

    A Commitment to the Best Driving Instruction at Top Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas.

    Being the top Driver’s Education Schools in Irving, Texas, we take great satisfaction in hiring the best teachers. Staff hold certificates from the state and undergo constant supplemental trainings to integrate new strategies and regulations into the curriculum. Class sizes will be kept small to allow for individualized learning support. Students can expect caring and patient instructors devoted to their success. The school strives to cultivate a relaxed environment where motorists feel comfortable to ask questions and build confidence over time.

    Moreover, at our Driver’s Education School Irving Texas, we understand that driving is important for people of all ages and stages of life. No matter what your age is, our experienced instructors have worked with learners of all backgrounds and can tailor each lesson to individual needs and learning styles. At the end of the day, our top priority is simply providing top-notch driving education which they need to stay safe on the roads – no matter their age or experience level.

    In addition to expert teachers, our Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas boasts top-of-the-line vehicles and training equipment. With dual-control brakes and five-point safety harnesses, safety always takes top priority during in-car lessons. The top facilities and resources available will be leveraged exclusively to maximize educational benefits.

    Affordable Driving Lessons Starting at just $60

    Keeping education affordable and accessible to all is a core value at our Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas. Our packages start at just $60 for introductory sessions, with competitive per-hour rates for additional lessons. Moreover, we believe that cost shouldn’t be a prohibitive factor for any motivated learner seeking improved safety behind the wheel.

    And also not only affordability but there are other Benefits of Enrolling with our Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas. Individuals who complete driver’s education in our driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas will get many long-term benefits as well as short-term benefits. For the long term they will gain a thorough knowledge of traffic laws to avoid citations down the road. Students will gain highly advantageous opportunities such as:

    • Practice in comfort- At our Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas, we believe learning should be enjoyable. That’s why we offer the ultimate experience—through our driving training in luxurious cars.

    • Personalized instruction- Our helpful evaluator find places to improve. Individualized practice sessions with a specialized driving coach will center on specific areas for improvement while operating a vehicle.

    • Even if students need another try we offer retesting options at minimal fees if scheduled within 3 days. Same day retests are even free of charge.

    • Before taking their exam, all candidates can take advantage of complimentary practice drives.

    Most importantly, mastering safe operation of a vehicle through comprehensive training empowers individuals and benefits entire communities by making roads safer.

    Join Us Now And Drive Towards Success

    To sum up, AA Right Track Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas is committed to instilling excellent driving habits through well-rounded instruction customized to each learner. We aim to send graduates out feeling fully prepared for independent, responsible transportation to handle daily tasks, pursue careers or hobbies, and strengthen bonds with loved ones. Through our proven educational methods and caring staff, AA Right Track is dedicated to teaching vital skills and instilling a lifelong commitment to road safety.

    Signing up for top-notch driver training at our Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas is simple and straightforward. Prospective students are encouraged to browse programs and pricing online or visit us. With our Driver’s Education Schools Irving Texas supportive services and flexible scheduling, drivers of any experience level can look forward to obtaining the important skills needed for safe and responsible transportation. As a result, we encourage both novice and experienced drivers to take advantage of our superior services, which are now available at competitive costs.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

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No, you have to be 15, then you're eligible to get a Learner Permit. You must be 16 years old to be eligible for Driver License.

Yes you can. You should have DE-964 certificate and Learner Permit after completion of 32 hours of driver education. DPS requires at least 14 hours of supervised car lesson in order to take your Road Test, and to get your Driver License.

After getting your learner permit, you have to wait for 6 months for Road Test and Driver License.

1) 32 hours of classroom training on Driver Education, 2) 7 hours of behind wheel in-car lesson, 3) 7 hours of observation in-car lesson

Before we begin our drivers training in Irving Tx, we evaluate present skills and knowledge of our students, then our DPS licensed instructors designed specials and unique course for every individuals differently. We focus on real time 1-on-1 driving experience to give a hands-on drivers training in Irving Tx.

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      Licenses We Offer

    • Learner Permit

      Need for all Teens to start taking driving classes

    • DE-964

      After completing 32 hours of Driver Education, it is given for Driving License

    • Impact License

      Provide certification for Impact certification and Online Education

    • Driver License

      We authorized by DPS to conduct third party Road Test and give Driver License

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