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Online driver education is the best choice if you are a first-time learner or someone who wants to improve in the field of driving. It’s not always the most convenient option for everyone to learn to drive at a regular, on-site driving school. Both convenience and adaptability are important factors that are becoming more and more important in the fast-paced world of today. AA Right Track Driving School’s online driving school meets this need by providing user-friendly, accessible online driving courses for people to learn traffic regulations and improve their safe driving techniques. Acknowledging the importance of convenience, our online driving school provides a program tailored for modern learners with busy schedules.

6 Hours Adult


32 Hours Teen


Defensive Course


  • Highlighted Benefits Of Our Online Driving School:

    One of the key advantages of our online driving school is how convenient they are. Students can study from home or any other convenient location as long as they have access to the course materials through an internet connection. Students can attend lessons virtually in this way, they saves money on transportation costs and time. Additionally, students who sign up for online classes are free to study whenever it is most convenient for them, whether that be during the day, at night, or on the weekends. Our online driving school’s curriculum is intended to provide drivers competence and confidence so they are prepared to handle a variety of driving situations. Take a look of our Google page and what students and theirs parent said about us.

    Furthermore, we use the newest approaches and technology in our online driving courses to create a dynamic and interesting learning environment. It is generally more advantageous for students with time constraints to participate through our virtual classes.

    Flexibility and Convenience: The flexibility that our online driving school provide is one of their main benefits. There is no need for learners to follow strict timetables because they can access the information at their own speed.

    Accessible Learning Resources: Students enrolled in online courses have simple access to a multitude of educational resources. The online platform of AA Right Track Driving School guarantees that students have access to an extensive library of resources, such as interactive modules, videos, and educational articles.

    Cost-effective: The in-person instruction provided by traditional driving schools is frequently accompanied by high prices. On the other hand, because they do not require physical facilities or extra resources, online courses can be more affordable. Our dedication lies in providing excellent value for money with our reasonably priced online packages.

    Why Pick Our Online Driving School Service for Driving Lessons?

    Consistent Background: We are a reputable and reliable driving instruction company with a solid track record. Because of our years of expertise, we can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to our online courses. We have a higher success rate for our students since we are a DPS-approved institute.

    Curriculum Covered in-depth: Our school’s online driving courses cover every aspect of safe driving. The curriculum is designed to make sure that students are ready for whatever obstacles they may face on the streets, from defensive driving methods to fundamental traffic laws. Following sessions are accessible remotely for individuals unable to attend in-person.

    Teen Driver Education:

    If your a teen is applying for their first driver’s license, this 32-hour Parent-Taught course is for you. All the fundamentals of driving are covered, including traffic rules, road signs, defensive driving strategies, and fundamental vehicle control. Along with classroom education, the curriculum offers behind-the-wheel training to assist students in gaining the information and abilities needed to drive safely and confidently

    Identifying and comprehending the significance of various traffic signs.

    Correctly placing lanes, switching lanes securely, and making the necessary corrections.

    Guidance on how to use turns, crosswalks, and right-of-way laws.

    thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations governing local traffic

    Adult Driver Education:

    This course is tailored for adults who are either new to driving or looking to refresh their driving skills. It covers similar topics as the teen driver education course but is adapted to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by adult learners. The curriculum includes both classroom instruction and practical training sessions to help adults become competent and responsible drivers.

    Awareness of environmental conditions and their impact on driving.

    Techniques to avoid collisions and navigate challenging situations.

    Instilling a sense of responsibility and adherence to safety practices on the road.

    Defensive Driving Course:

    Drivers of all ages are welcome to enroll in the defensive driving course offered by AA Right Track Driving School. The main goal of this training is to teach drivers how to recognize possible road dangers and how to react to them safely. It addresses issues including risk management, danger perception, collision prevention tactics, and how crucial it is to keep a safe following distance. In some situations, passing a defensive driving course can also result in insurance reductions.

    To improve the learning experience, we incorporate interactive elements into each of our online courses. These elements, which create an interesting and productive learning environment, include animated videos, quizzes, and feedback. Curriculum-integrated tests and evaluations aid in gauging students’ comprehension of the subject matter. These tools help AA Right Track Driving School point out areas that might require further attention in order to guarantee a complete understanding of the curriculum. Our online driving courses are reasonably priced starting from just $40.

    Upon completion of the online course, students can enroll in Behind-the-Wheel instruction at our driving school. This individualized instruction includes crucial topics like:

    Vehicle Familiarization

    Starting and Stopping Techniques

    Traffic Laws and Regulations

    Emphasis on Defensive Driving

    Steering and Lane Positioning

    These Sessions is Followed With A Driving Practice Test, which covers:

    Pre-Drive Inspection

    Lane Positioning and Signaling

    Application of Theoretical Knowledge

    Handling Emergency Situations

    Avoidance of Common Mistakes

    Test-Taking Strategies

    Our consolidated programs prepare students for real-world scenarios which contribute to a confident performance in the road test. From simple classes to more advanced ones, we’ve integrated defensive driving techniques to help students become safe drivers in the long run. Here are the online driving courses we offer:

    6 Hours Adult


    32 Hours Teen


    Defensive Course


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