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85 $
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  • Car Rental($25)
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  • Practice Test($40)
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  • Pick-Up & Drop in Irving($20)
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Requirements for Adults

Requirements for Teens


Looking For a Driving Test in Irving Texas?

Got your learner’s permit but wondering what’s next? The journey toward a driver’s license in Irving Texas involves passing the driving test. It can be a little daunting but a driving test in Irving Texas is a necessary step in getting a driver’s license for which you’ve to gain practical experience and develop those driving skills. And we believe that you can do it with some guidance. At AA Right Track Driving School, we take pride in our unique approach to driver education. Our instructors are not just educators; they’re friendly mentors committed to creating a positive and comfortable learning environment.

  • What Exactly Do We Offer and How Does It Benefit Our Students?

    We at AA Right Track Driving School provide behind-the-Wheel training to get hands-on driving experience. This training emerges as the crucial bridge between understanding traffic laws on paper and applying them on the road. Along with behind-the-wheel training, one can apply for the (Impact Texas Adult Drivers)ITYD or (Impact Texas Teens Drivers)ITTD program. As certificates from this program are mandatory documents required during the final driving test in Irving Texas.

    During behind-the-wheel lessons, they get paired up with an expertly trained instructor sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle while the student driver operates the vehicle. Our personalized sessions cover:

    Students are taught how to conduct a pre-drive inspection of the vehicle to ensure it is safe and in proper working condition.

    Students learn starting procedures, adjusting seating and mirrors, and engaging controls for safe acceleration and controlled stops.

    Students acquire skills in steering smoothly, maintaining lane positioning, and making appropriate adjustments for curves, turns, and lane changes.

    Students are educated on traffic laws, regulations, and signs, including the meanings of different signs, interpretation of road markings, and adherence to traffic signals and right-of-way rules.

    Upon fully grasping driving skills and techniques every student undergoes a practice driving test in Irving Texas. This is the final step of their learning journey, as this helps students prepare for their official driving test. This practice driving test takes place under the supervision of DPS approved instructor which ultimately benefits students as follows

    A practice driving test in Irving Texas allows you to become comfortable with the testing environment and procedures, reducing test-day stress.

    Our experienced instructors offer personalized feedback to rectify weaknesses and enhance overall performance.

    It provides an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with driving laws, regulations, and road signs, ensuring they are well-prepared for the official test.

    Students benefit from practicing the road test because it helps them form good driving habits like checking blind spots, using turn signals, and keeping the right speed. These habits are very important for driving safely and responsibly.

    Students practice common driving scenarios, like intersections, parking, lane changes, and merging, which increases your overall driving proficiency.

    Ultimately, a practice road test in Texas enhances your overall driving skills, and promotes safety on the roads. Therefore you can either check our website or contact us directly if wanting to sign up yourself or a loved one for our road test. In Irving, Texas, students taking the driving test are required to present the following documentation.

    Documents Required for Adult Road Test:

    Photo & Valid learner’s permit issued by DPS

    Impact Certificate (ITYD)

    Upon completion of our 6-hour course, certification of participation and completion will be provided.

    Those with access to a car must bring both front and rear license plates in addition to proof of insurance.

    Required Documents for Teen Road Test:

    16 years old is the minimum age requirement required for teens

    Learner’s permit must be held at least for six months before taking the road test.

    Impact certificate (ITTD)

    Completion certificate of 32 hours driving course

    It is mandatory that the car must have license plates as well as valid insurance coverage .

    For signature Parent or guardians must be present at test

    Why are we the most preferred driving school in the town?

    What sets us apart is the convenience we offer. Our students need not be required to wait in long queues for test registration. We have a convenient procedure that is both efficient and affordable. Making improvements is the goal of this learning that’s why we offer free practice tests prior to the actual driving exam to ensure that our students are not only aware of the laws but also confident in their driving abilities.

    With convenience as the primary factor, we provide simple vehicle rentals, free pick-up and drop-off facilities, and friendly examiners to guarantee a stress-free driving test in Irving Texas. We also give a warm welcome and a friendly environment to students who have had difficulties in the past. If you happen to fail on your first try, we provide free retesting if you take the test that same day.

    If you are not familiar with the basic requirements and application process for a learner’s permit, the following details can offer helpful guidance. In order to be eligible for a learner’s permit, a person needs to meet all requirements, which include

    Age Eligibility: Adults must be at least 18 to begin, while teens normally have an age minimum
    of 14.

    Parental Consent (Requirement specifically for teens): In order to apply for a learner’s permit,
    teens under the age of eighteen must get the consent of their parents or guardians.

    Driver Education Course: Students applying for learner’s permit must finish a state-approved
    driver education course.

    We at AA Right Track Driving School offer DPS-authorized driving courses for all age groups which are conducted offline as well as online. Hence the following courses cover the fundamental subjects and knowledge required to pass the written exam.

    Learners between 14-17 years old can join these course.

    Driving Classes for Teens(offline)

    32-hour Parent-Taught Driver course (online)

    Defensive driving Education

    Topics like parallel parking, smooth lane changes, proper signaling, environmental factors, defensive driving techniques and strategies, and drug and alcohol effects are thoroughly taught in this course as it is designed to prepare teens for the road.

    Students 25 years of age and above, are eligible for enrollment in this course.

    Adult Driving Courses

    Defensive driving Training

    This is a 6 hours online course that is meant to be easy, accurate, logical, dependable, and entertaining specially tailored for adults

    Our Gentle Push To Let You Cross The Finishing Line of Driving Test in Irving Texas:

    Once students have passed the written exam they will be getting the learner’s permit. With that students can start their Behind-the-Wheel training. Along with behind-the-wheel training, one can apply for (Impact Texas Young Drivers)ITYD or (Impact Texas Teens Drivers)ITTD program. Certificates from this program are mandatory documents required during the final driving test in Irving Texas. For further details on these essential aspects, we have thoughtfully provided detailed information above.

    In essence, we offer thorough training and comprehensive driver education programs to help our students gain practical driving experience and prepare for their driving test in Irving Texas. We aim to enhance students’ driving skills, knowledge, and confidence, with personalized:

    Behind-the-wheel training

    Practice driving tests

    Convenient services

    Driver’s education program

    That’s why we have a high record of 98% of our students passing their driving test in Irving Texas, on their first attempt. We look forward to you being a part of our community so If you have any questions, or comments, or would like to share your thoughts, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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