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Simplify the Way to Pass the Road Test with Our Platinum Package

Obtaining a driver’s license is a significant life breakthrough that denotes freedom and independence. However, passing the Driving test for license Irving is no easy feat and requires significant preparation. At AA Right Track Driving School, we understand the time, effort and stress that goes into obtaining a license. That is why we developed the Platinum Road Test Package – a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the process and give our students the very best chance of success in their Driving test for license.

The Platinum Road Test Package bundles together all the key elements needed to take the road test into one affordable package. For just $105, you receive the Driving test for license Irving valued at $60, a rental car for $25, and pick-up/drop-off service in Irving for $20. Rather than scheduling and paying for each component individually, the package handles everything for you in one seamless transaction. Not only is it more cost-effective, but the convenience of having the entire experience planned out makes it much less overwhelming.

At the core of the package is the road test, which is the final hurdle to clear before receiving an official Driving license Irving. Our examiners have administered thousands of road tests over the years and they precisely carry out Driving test for license. Key criteria they check include your ability to perform basic maneuvers like three-point turns safely, demonstrate full scans before changing lanes or merging, and obey all traffic laws. Additionally, before the driving assessment, the vehicle must pass an inspection to ensure roadworthiness. The examiner will check for:

    • 1. Two license plates on the front and back except for temporary or out-of-state plates
    • 2. A functioning speed indicator
    • 3. An operational horn
    • 4. Direction indicators on both sides of the vehicle
    • 5. Valid vehicle registration and inspection documentation
    • 6. Current valid car insurance
    • 7. A rearview mirror inside or outside the car. And more

We offer a reliable vehicle that meets all the above inspection and safety standards is also essential for the road test. With the rental car included in the package, students can eliminate one source of stress by having a road-worthy vehicle secured in advance. Our rental fleet consists of top-notch cars in excellent condition to give test takers a familiar experience similar to what they’ve practiced in. Arranging transportation is taken care of as well, so you can focus fully on demonstrating your skills behind the wheel.

Perhaps the most valuable component of the Driving test for license Irving Package for busy students and working professionals is our pick-up/drop-off service. We make the process as convenient as possible. The stress-free experience lets test takers enter the exam with a clear mind focused solely on the road ahead.

Moreover, our package maximizes your odds of obtaining your license on the first try through a simplified, hassle-free experience. If you’re ready to take the next step towards the freedom and independence of driving, the Driving test for license IrvingPackage is your clear choice. Our comprehensive, all-inclusive solution offers everything required for road test success. Confirm your seat now!

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Platinum Road Test


May 23, 2021

from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM (EST)

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