Platinum Road Test


As a full-service driving school authorized directly by DPS, we are dedicated to providing a unique and stress-free experience for aspiring drivers that is why we offer DPS-authorized driving tests to eliminate long waiting in queues just to schedule the driving test at DPS. Our Driving Test Package is an affordable solution that allows you to schedule your road test at your convenience. For maximum convenience, our Package provides free practice tests with friendly examiners, ensuring you’re familiar with the test patterns and feel confident on the day of your actual test. Additionally, we offer a complimentary road test on the same day. Our expert and friendly instructors provide valuable tips and support to boost your confidence. Students can rent a car effortlessly, knowing our vehicles come fully loaded with safety features and adhere to the highest standards additionally, our friendly examiners ensure a positive testing atmosphere, allowing you to demonstrate your skills without undue stress.

Our Platinum road test package includes :

Road Test($60)

Car Rental($25)

Pick-Up & Drop in Irving($20)





Platinum Road Test

May 26, 2021

from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM (EST)

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