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Teens are often stressed when they start their driving journey, and why not? Texas has several rules and regulations to navigate in order to obtain a driver’s license, and adding an extra layer of complexity makes them anxious. That’s why we at AA Right Track Driving School in Irving, Texas, understand the challenges young drivers face. We offer a solution with our Parent-Taught Driver education course for teens, providing a comprehensive and supportive approach to guide teens through the difficulties of driving whether it be road test fear or learning driving skills.

Our state-mandated Parent-Taught Driver education course for teens, lays the groundwork for responsible driving. Interactive lessons cover not just technical regulations but also cultivate safe drivers. Students learn at an individual pace with 1-on-1 support. Led by experienced instructors, throughout the course, students will explore fundamental driving concepts, road safety guidelines, and traffic awareness. They will also gain a thorough understanding of pedestrian rules, vehicle safety, and defensive driving techniques. Additionally, our course emphasizes the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving, promoting responsible and sober driving practices. By completing this course, students will be well-prepared to navigate the roads confidently and responsibly.

Upon completion, teens will be prepared to give a written exam and receive a Texas driver’s permit, clearing the way for in-car guidance from our certified professionals. We take pride in preparing new drivers through knowledgeable instruction tailored to different learning styles.

Age eligibility: Teens aged 14-17 can take the course.

Required documents: Students must bring ID like a birth certificate to prove their age.

Here are the key topics covered in our comprehensive driving courses:

Core Driving Skills: From steering to braking, our instructors help new drivers develop smooth control and balanced maneuvers.

Defensive Strategies: By identifying potential hazards, drivers can make low-risk decisions
and avoid accidents through prepared, proactive responses.

Vehicle Maintenance: Keeping cars in good operating condition helps ensure mechanical
issues don’t endanger passengers or others on the road.

Hazard Awareness: Developing an observant, defensive mindset allows motorists to navigate diverse, ever-changing driving environments confidently.

Right-of-Way Responsibility: Courteous, lawful interaction is emphasized so all travelers can cooperation smoothly and respectfully share road spaces.


Soon after enrollment in Parent-Taught Driver education course for teens

students can apply for Written exam after completing 6 hours in course

Students must complete 32 hours of theory and 14 hours of behind-the-wheel training

Additionally students must complete 30 hours of training before applying for license


Certificate for learner’s permit

certificate for driver’s license upon passing tests

insurance discount

Driving test in driving school

classroom training

Road test & permit test preparation

interactive classes

Take the first step with AA Right Track Driving School’s Parent-Taught Driver education course for teens. Empower your teen with interactive learning, individualized training, and expert guidance. Choose a comprehensive curriculum that extends beyond the basics, preparing teens not just for exams but for a lifetime of safe and responsible driving. Your teen’s journey starts on the right track with AA Right Track Driving School – enroll now.


  1. 32 Hours Class Room Training
  2. Road Permit Test Education
  3. DPS authorized Road Test Preparation
  4. State Requirements Checks
  5. Interactive Classes



  1. Certificate for Learner Permit
  2. Certificate for Driver License
  3. Exclusive Insurance Discount
  4. DE-964 License

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