Adult 6 Hours Classroom Training


Need for a Compact Yet Thorough Adult Driving Course

Whether refreshing skills or getting a new driver’s license the journey of learning to drive can be both exciting and challenging, particularly for adults in Irving TX, therefore seeking a swift and comprehensive driving education is the solution. Adults often face time constraints and specific requirements, making a condensed yet thorough course a sought-after option. The need for a concise yet effective program becomes apparent, and this is where our 6-hour adult course steps in to provide the ideal solution. Our 6-hour adult course at AA Right Track Driving School in Irving, Texas, is strategically designed to cater to the unique needs of adults seeking a swift and effective pathway to driving proficiency. This course is specifically crafted for adults in Texas who haven’t completed a DPS-approved driving education course before. Whether you are a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or someone with a tight schedule, our 6-hour adult course is the ideal solution. It allows you to fulfill legal requirements efficiently while accommodating your lifestyle, making it accessible to those who seek a quick yet thorough education in driving.

Providing Vital Foundations for Responsible Driving

Our 6-hour classroom and practical courses provide lawful foundations for responsible driving. From understanding traffic regulations to mastering defensive driving strategies, the course ensures an overall approach to driver education. Through interactive lessons, students gain thorough understanding of road safety protocols, signaling, prioritizing other road users, and sharing spaces harmoniously. Impairment dangers are also covered to reduce preventable risks.

Key Benefits of Our 6-Hour Adult Course

Our Classroom Training also offers permit test preparation specifically for busy adult schedules. In just 6 hours, interactive discussions and reference materials cover not only regulations but offer more. Dedicated instructors welcome questions to clarify complex topics for varied learning styles. We offer this course in-person as well as online which gives convenience and accommodates diverse needs of students. Most importantly, our goal remains seeing students embark on driving journeys with ability, awareness and care for community welfare through considerate conduct. Students can complete the course and get the certification on the same day. With other perks we also focus on affordability that’s why we program at an affordable pricing of just $75.

Age Requirements for the Program : Students of aged 18 and above, are eligible to enroll in this course

6-hour adult course offers you:

  • 1. Intensive training: 6 hours of in-class instruction
  • 2. Interactive learning: Classes involve engagement between students and instructors.
  • 3. Permit test prep: Course prepares students to pass written permit exam.
  • 4. Insurance savings: Discount offered
  • 5. Specialized curriculum: Lessons tailored for adult learners.
  • 6. Same-day completion: Certificate issued upon finishing class that day
  • 7. Defensive driving: Free follow-up course included upon completion.


Strong foundations are built here through engagement and support. At AA Right Track Driving School, we proudly serve people of every background with integrity and focus on inclusion. Let’s take the initiative to create error-free roads. Contact us today to enroll in our impactful programs!


When & Where


6 Hours Classroom Training

Irving, TX 75062

May 26, 2021

from 9 AM to 11 AM

A well qualified and certified instructor with 2 years of experience in teaching different driving lessons

Samantha Tam

Davis is DPS approved instructor, having 8 years of experience.

Davis Nguyen

Being an instructor, Mike has trained 300+ students so far. It’s been 3years he is doing this job

Mike Wooton

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